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Muscle Soreness And How It Can Be Relieved


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Soreness in the muscles is one of the common issues found in adults, which usually occurs following vigorous exercise. Some of the causes for this are muscle tension in a specific part of the body, overuse of muscles during activity, and injuries sustained when you engage in a physically demanding workout. But not all aches start with physical activity. There are several medical explanations for the condition, such as:

The National Institutes of Health define 3 types of pain associated with exercise, which are: pain experienced during immediately after a person exercises, delayed onset muscle pain, and pain caused by muscle cramps. The second type mentioned here is caused as a result of microscopic tears in the muscles surrounding the connective tissue. Any soreness which sets in afterwards is the natural result of exercise, and one of the signs that your muscles are benefiting from the activity. Some of the ways to relieve the soreness are provided below.

It is fairly common for muscle soreness to be fitness-related, which means it is wise to remember your exertive limits when performing intense exercise. There are many treatments which can help ease the pain, such as epidural injections, spinal cord stimulation, and Botox.

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