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How Rotator Cuff Pain Can Be Treated


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The shoulder joint is known for its wide range of mobility, which allows it to assist in the vital activities of everyday life. It draws from a group of muscles that comprise of the rotator cuff, and help with overhead and lifting activities.

When an injury occurs, problems may arise in the rotator cuff. These injuries may be the result of a mere fall on to the shoulder, or from the overall sum of lifting activities done over a lifetime.

The symptoms most commonly seen here are pain, weakness, and loss of motion. The symptoms mentioned can appear suddenly or gradually. If any of these symptoms continue to show outside of a two-week period and show no signs of relief, you should consult with an orthopedic at Remedy Pain Solutions on how to proceed.

Initial assessment of the condition comprises a physical examination and imaging studies including X-Ray and MRI. The information gotten from that would be used to decide how much damage has been sustained by the rotator cuff, and to help devise the optimum treatment plan for you. Based on the severity of the injury and the reaction to conservative treatment, a surgical procedure may be the best option for reducing pain and improving function.

Rotator cuff repair is traditionally done along with direct view of the rotator cuff. This can be done with an incision around 3-4 inches wide, which is made on the shoulder through the deltoid muscle. One new technique, which has come up over the past decade, is arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.It involves surgery done through a handful of one-centimeter incisions made on the shoulder.

These small incisions allow the rotator cuff to be visualized with a camera, also called an arthroscope. The injured section is repaired with instruments that act as an extension of the surgeon’s hands. Other than being less invasive, this technique also has the benefit of producing less scarring than alternatives. Besides that, damage to the deltoid muscle is minimized and it is left capable of regaining its full strength.

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