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Dr. Bajaj and the team at Remedy Spine & Pain Solutions in Marina del Rey and Manhattan Beach, California provides Los Angeles-based patients with opportunities to relieve elbow and wrist pain. Because these joints are so vital to daily life, they are often a source of discomfort.

Elbox & Wrist Pain Q&A

What is the source of elbow pain?

People use their arms and hands for all kinds of tasks throughout any given day. It is no wonder that the elbow joints can become overtaxed, leading to considerable pain. While traumatic injury can cause pain in the elbows, the most common source of pain in these joints is repetitive stress injury. When the tendons in the elbow become inflamed, the condition is known as tendinitis, more commonly referred to as “tennis elbow.” Any repetitive gripping motion can cause tendinitis, even if the use of a tennis racquet is not a factor. In fact, tendinitis in the elbow is often the result of motions related to a patient’s job, not sporting activities.

What causes most types of wrist pain?

Wrist pain is also commonly caused by repetitive stress injuries, such as typing on a computer keyboard for prolonged periods of time. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that develops when too much pressure is placed on the nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel, a corridor that passes through the palm side of the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be extremely painful, and many patients must seek treatment in order to continue with their normal daily activities. Patients who are suffering from wrist pain should take action before the condition worsens.

What are some of the treatments for elbow and wrist pain?

Studies have shown that platelet-rich plasma therapy has been an effective treatment for tennis elbow and other conditions in the elbow joint. The treatment uses the patient’s own blood to create a platelet-rich solution, which is then injected back into the body at the source of the pain. This plasma is full of natural compounds that speed the healing process, which reduces the experience of pain. PRP therapy is also promising for treating tendinitis in the wrists. At Remedy Spine & Pain Solutions, treatment of wrist and elbow pain always begins with a comprehensive exam and diagnostic efforts. Once the source of pain has been identified, a plan of action is designed and implemented.