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Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain: What You Need to Know?

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common occurrence in more than 25% adult population in the country. It can occur due to injury, lifestyle changes, excessive exercise, etc. But in some cases, it can be a symptom of serious conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis, especially in adults. In such situations, physical therapy or chiropractic care and regular exercise are not enough for proper treatment.

Doctors often recommend knee replacement surgery as a solution to this problem. But now, remedy pain solutions offer stem cell therapy for knee pain as a potentially very effective treatment for this condition. It has emerged as alternative therapy instead of surgery. read below to further understand the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for knee pain in depth.

Stem Cell Therapy – An Overview

Stem Cell Therapy is a cutting edge non-surgical, outpatient treatment that uses stem cells for repairing injured tissues.

Our body produces stem cells naturally. These cells have the potential to transform into specialized cells according to the requirement of our body parts. Currently, these stem cells are taken from certain areas for therapeutic purposes. they can then be implanted or injected in areas that require regeneration or repair. Theoretically, the stem cells grow and multiply by themselves, replacing the damaged tissues.

what are there any controversies around stem cell therapy? The simple answer is that the advanced aspects of stem cell therapy are still.  Undergoing extensive research. Current technologies of cell research using embryonic stem cells are still in the laboratory phase and considered to be experimental. The usage of embryonic stem cell research is still under debate. But for orthopedic regenerative therapies, the cells are taken from your adult stem cells. The cells are taken from adult bone marrow present in your body. They are found to be a very effective mechanism for stem cell therapy treatment for various ailments, including knee pain.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee pain occurs due to various reasons. Heavy physical activity or sports, wrong postures, lack of exercise, stress, etc., can contribute to this situation. Over the years, the tissues in the body get damaged and can cause inflammation. This leads to chronic pain and discomfort. Stem cell therapy helps in tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation. In certain cases, it may help in repairing cartilages. The process of stem cell therapy for knees is as follows.

Over a period, the stem cells will multiply by themselves and helps in tissue repair.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective for Knee Pain?

Stem cell injection is effective and helps in reducing acute and chronic knee pain. It is also proven to provide relief for many patients suffering from arthritis. In certain situations, it helps in avoiding knee replacement surgery. But the effect of the therapy varies from person to person. It is to be noted that it may not reverse the tissue damage completely. In any case, always consult a medical practitioner before undergoing stem cell therapy. You can always consult an expert doctor at Remedy Pain Solutions for information regarding stem cell therapy.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy

Going through a knee replacement surgery is commonly a tough process for many patients. Even after the surgery, it takes longer time periods for a complete recovery. And often, patients may struggle as much or more after surgery. The main advantages of stem cell therapy are,

Outpatient Procedure

Minimal downtime and rehabilitation

In short, stem cell therapy is a promising treatment option that can help you get rid of your knee pain.

Remedy Pain Solutions

If you are suffering from knee pain, it is very critical to take action as early as possible.  Even though certain medications can provide short term relief, it is always advisable to undergo proper treatment. As there are chances of escalation in pain if left unattended.

Stem cell therapy for knee pain is a relatively new type of treatment. In this scenario, you should always consult a specialized and experienced medical corporation, like remedy pain solutions, for the therapy. Remedy Pain Solutions is a pioneer in stem cell therapy for orthopedics. With a group of expert doctors, we provide world-class treatment with personal care and attention. We serve multiple locations across the west of Los Angeles. And, virtual telemedicine appointments are also available. Don’t hesitate, log on to today and book your appointment.

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