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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Chronic Tennis Elbow

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Chronic Tennis Elbow

Medical science is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. Every day, novel treatment methods and technologies are coming into existence. Meanwhile, a large section of patients is quickly adopting these techniques for a speedy recovery. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) for tennis elbow treatment is becoming more mainstream and promising because of its effectiveness and results, especially compared to more invasive and/or surgical options.

Tennis elbow is very common. Around 3% of the public and more than 50% of athletes, including weekend warriors, suffer from this diagnosis. PRP comes as a great option offering high recovery rates in shorter time periods. But at large, people still have questions before undergoing this treatment. Is it actually an effective and approved treatment methodology? Are there any side effects? Let us explore PRP for tennis elbow treatment in detail and find answers to these questions.

What is Platelet –Rich Plasma treatment?

Our blood consists of platelets that are essential for effective blood clotting. The Platelets also-play a big role in the body’s natural healing mechanism. They also contain certain growth factors that are essentially proteins. These growth factors are capable of healing injuries and tissue repairs. This forms the basis of platelet-rich plasma treatment. The patient’s own blood is used for the therapy. After collecting the blood plasma, platelets are separated from the other components. The concentrated platelets with active growth factors are then injected into the affected region.

PRP is a regenerative therapy that uses our body’s self-healing abilities for recovery. One of the benefits of this is no foreign bodies are injected into the system, making it a safe, natural, organic, and low-risk treatment. It is becoming a preferred treatment method for active athletes, weekend warriors, and potentially you.

PRP treatment for tennis-elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition that usually affects athletes involved in tennis, badminton, baseball, etc. The condition also affects people using their wrists and arms while working or playing. This is especially important to consider in our mobile device heavy world. It occurs due to the overuse or tension on the wrists and forearms. Subsequently, it leads to tissue damage in muscles and tendons at the forearm. This results in severe pain and discomfort.

PRP for tennis elbow treatment can be very effective. In many cases, it can be instrumental in avoiding surgery. Surgical treatment for tennis elbow is both costly and requires a longer rest period post-treatment, and rehabilitation can be prolonged. PRP treatment for tennis elbow is a simple procedure. The details of treatment are as follows,

In short, it is lower risk, lower complications as compared to surgery, and as an outpatient procedure, recovery is quicker and less painful than surgery.

Is PRP an effective treatment method?

Surgery and Corticosteroid shots were the common treatment methods for tennis elbow treatment before the arrival of PRP therapy. With multiple studies demonstrating high recovery rates, PRP for tennis elbow is emerging as a key treatment method now. Various research studies suggest that administering PRP improves tendon healing considerably (due to active growth factors) after the analysis of VAS scores and MRI readings.

The key advantages of the PRP method are

In case of any doubts regarding the treatment, you can get more information at

Remedy pain solutions-PRP for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can cause severe discomfort and pain while carrying out your day-to-day activities. In any case, you should start treatments as soon as possible. Before considering surgery or other medications, consult our experts from remedy pain solutions regarding PRP treatment.

With a highly qualified team of doctors and experts, we offer the best PRP for tennis elbow treatment. Apart from our physical presence across LA and adjoining areas, we are now offering telemedicine support too. Hurry and visit and book a consultation today!

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