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Pain Relief Measures Can Help Reduce Cancer Risk – Study


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Weight training can benefit people with back pain issues in many ways. Physical workouts and exercises can help in back and neck pain relief, and ensure a long and healthy life. Recently, there was a study that found that some moderate exercises could help reduce the risk of 13 types of cancer!

To point out, not all heavy workouts would do the trick to lower cancer risk, just as not all gym activities can help in pain relief. The key to a disease-free and healthy life lies in performing moderate physical activities regularly. For instance, a brisk, purposeful walk daily would not only keep your joints and ligaments fit, it also helps prevent cancer-causing agents in later stages of your life.

According to Steven Moore, the lead author of the study, “There is certainly a lot of evidence to suggest that physical activity is among the most important things you can do to protect your health.” Moore is an investigator in the division of cancer epidemiology and genetics at the National Cancer Institute. He submitted his study on how physical activities can help lower cancer risk to the JAMA Internal Medicine last month.

Many physicians recommend moderate workouts for back and neck pain relief, and it has been found that physical activities can greatly benefit the overall well-being of a person. Moore believes that the more vigorous exercises one practices, the lower the chances are of being affected by 13 types of cancer. Nevertheless, he cautioned that ‘more exercise’ might not end up being favorable always.

“It doesn’t appear that you have to have been doing the physical activity your whole life to get that benefit,” Moore added. However, he mentioned that further studies are needed to confirm that. The Department of Health and Human Services supported the study, stating that even around 2½ hours of moderate aerobic workouts per week was found to help lower the risks of cancer.

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