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Nerve Blocks


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If you are suffering from pain in the spine or other body part, you may be told by your physician that you need to have a nerve block procedure. Nerve blocks are one of the most common procedures performed by our physicians at Remedy Pain Solutions, as it can be utilized for diagnostic purposes, therapeutic relief, or both. A nerve block is the injection of an anesthetic and/or an anti-inflammatory toward a particular nerve or group of nerves that are thought to be causing pain. These injections are used diagnostically to confirm the source of nerve pain, which may allow a physician to better predict whether a patient will respond to other types of treatment to that area. They can also be used therapeutically to manage short-term pain, which may occur from an acute injury or a surgery. For chronic pain, more than one injection may be required to treat the nerve inflammation most effectively. Repeat injections further reduce any residual pain, but also help keep the pain from returning.

Nerve blocks performed at Remedy Pain Solutions are completed under fluoroscopic guidance for accuracy. Fluoroscopy is a special X-ray which allows the physician to watch the needle in real-time on a monitor to ensure that the needle is directed toward the appropriate location. With precise placement of the medication, optimal pain relief can be expected. These injections require very little preparation by the patient with minimal down time. If the patient has the injection done under sedation, the patient must have a separate ride home. Patients are typically able to return to their normal daily activities the day following the procedure. It is common to feel some soreness at the site of the injection for the first several days, and patients should expect the full benefit of the medication to take effect in about 1 week. If you are suffering with pain and would like to learn more about nerve block injections, schedule a consultation with our providers at Remedy Pain Solutions and begin the journey back to pain-free living.

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