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Motivational Monday!


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“People come to expect the next day is going to wind up being painful. It just takes the joy off of life’s little pleasures — and big pleasures, for that matter.” If this sounds like you, then you may need some help in restarting your motivation.

Physical ability isn’t the only thing that chronic back pain negatively impacts. Very commonly, patients who suffer from chronic back pain also have a hard time finding motivation to go about their day. If you find yourself lacking that “go-getter” attitude, don’t fret. It’s normal to wallow in pessimism when you suffer every day, but understand that you do have the power to change your outlook on life, one step at a time. Here are some helpful tips to get you motivated to live each day to the fullest.

1. Choose to be happy.

You can adhere to any list of tips that aim to improve your motivation, but if you approach your life with a fixed, negative mindset, then nothing will work for you. Remember what it’s like to be happy, and remind yourself that that is how you want to feel for every day of the rest of your life.

2. Set goals.

They can be serious, long-term goals, but they don’t have to be. Your goals can be as simple as taking an hour walk through the park or spending the evening reading for pleasure. Whatever your goals, be sure that they are realistic and achievable. In any case, by aiming to accomplish tasks that bring you satisfaction, that negative cloud that accompanies your pain becomes a less and less prominent aspect of your day.
Take a look at this article from Psychology Today to map out your goals effectively:

3. Stay physically active.

Sometimes it’s just easier to spend the entire day lying on the couch, flipping through channels on the television, and snacking on junk food. However, exercise is more than just a way to keep your weight down. Physical activity has been shown to result in cognitive changes, elevating mood and boosting motivation.

Try to continue with normal activities as long as possible and exercise your core muscles. Exercising your core muscles can help reduce pain, by strengthening the muscles that support your back.

The following link shares some helpful exercises that will strengthen your abdomen and lower back:

4. Communicate with your doctor.

Patients who communicate with their doctor have been able to manage their pain appropriately and find treatment options that work best according to their lifestyles. By speaking with your doctor regularly and being proactive in finding possible solutions to your issue, you take your life into your own hands and prevent your pain from dominating.

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