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Lower Back Pain Caused Due to the Motion of Spine

The ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones inside our spine enable us to move freely in all directions. However, our motion or movements might lead to the damage or wear and tear of the spine system, and it might gradually cause stiffness and pain.

It is important to realize how your movements might affect your spine. Once, you realize the cause, consult with a physician and find an effective spine pain management technique to get better pain relief. Below are some ways through which spine motion can lead to back pain.

Strain in Large Spinal Muscles

Many patients who suffer from back pain have a misconception that the bones in their spine are responsible for their back pain. Actually, back pain that occurs because of motion is related to the ligaments and muscles surrounding your spine. Additionally, the risk of tearing or overstretching of your muscles and ligaments are higher when you are twisting your lower back. This will result in the inflammation of your muscles and could eventually lead to back spasms.

Lumbar Spine Motion

The lumbar spine inside our body carries the entire weight of the torso, and it is always in motion. This makes the lumbar spine highly prone to damage and injuries. When you workout aggressively moving the lower back, two of the lower spinal discs experience a higher stress and the chances for these discs to become herniated are comparatively higher. The herniation might induce sciatic pain which will gradually expand to your feet.

Cartilage Breakdown

Cartilage breakdown might occur as a result of extensive spine motion. Spinal osteoarthritis or the mechanical breakdown of cartilage is very common in athletes, as they use repetitive motions. This will induce severe pain to the lower back while running, walking, or even during slight movements, and eventually, they might find it very hard to move around.

Spinal osteoarthritis results in the inflammation of facet joints and gradually leads to joint degeneration, causing severe pain to the patients. The flexibility and motion of your spine will also decrease and result in stiffness of the lower back and sacroiliac joint.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you should immediately consult with a physician and enquire about the treatment method to adopt to suppress the pain. As any damage to the spinal discs requires proper medical attention, going for over-the-counter medications is not recommended for severe lower spine pain.

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