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Los Angeles Doctor Says Best Chronic Pain Treatment Combines PRP and “Alpha Mac” Therapy

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Akash Bajaj, MD says that chronic joint pain may be eliminated and sports injuries can heal faster when “Alpha Mac”, a dis-inflammatory therapy is administered before PRP treatment. “Alpha Mac”, or “Alpha 2 Macro-Globulin” treatment uses components derived from a patient's own blood, primarily enzymes which act quickly to eliminate inflammatory chemicals, allowing the regenerative properties of PRP to work more quickly. “Together these therapies, both derived from the patient’s own blood are bringing superior outcomes compared to single modality approaches.”

Dr. Bajaj is an orthopedist and pain management specialist in private practice in Marina Del Rey, CA.

“Millions of people suffer from pain every year. Pain can occur from sporting injuries, everyday activities or just from getting older,” says Dr. Bajaj. “Traditional treatments include steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care or a combination of these as well as pain medications. While these are useful treatments the problem with all is that there is really no end point in sight for the patient. Patients placed on medications may need to continue their use on an ongoing basis with the risk of developing side effects or even addiction. The same applies to physical therapy and steroid based injections.” 

A Natural Treatment That Eliminates The Cause Of Pain
Now a new treatment is available that is natural, non-toxic and is derived from the patient’s own blood. Alpha Mac therapy utilizes the body’s own healing properties to help decrease inflammation, which typically is the underlying source of the pain. Inflammation can affect virtually any area of the body including the joints, lower back, the neck or other areas.

“Alpha Mac therapy, like PRP treatment is a very simple in-office procedure,” says Dr. Bajaj. “We take a small amount of blood which is processed through a centrifuge to extract the Alpha 2 Macro-Globulin. We can then place the ‘Alpha Mac’ exactly where it needs to be, concentrating its effectiveness right at the source of inflammation.”

The Benefits Of “Dis-Inflammatory” Treatment Rather Than An “Anti-Inflammatory” Approach
For example, many people visit doctors complaining of low back pain. One source of lower back pain can be the lumbar facet joints, which like any other joints in the body can become arthritic. “By injecting the Alpha Mac components to the area we can reduce or eliminate pain by eliminating the inflammation that is present instead of trying to ‘fight’ the inflammation with other methods or medications,” says Dr. Bajaj. “Rather than an “anti-inflammatory”, Alpha Mac is a “dis-inflammatory” agent. The Alpha Mac enzyme completely may eliminate the inflammatory ‘cascade’ so patients can no longer develop inflammation at the affected area.”

“Alpha Mac treatment can substantially reduce pain and downtime whether used as the initial treatment for pain or injury or for those who have undergone and failed other treatments, therapies or pain medication,” says Dr. Bajaj.


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