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How Back Pain Affects Your Sleep


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A recent study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation highlights that back and neck pain can disrupt proper sleep of a person. Normally, many vital growth hormones are released by our body when we enter deep sleep stages at night, which then act to heal the body faster. However, when your sleep is interrupted due to back or muscle pain, this action is hindered, and it makes you even more weak.

Upper back and neck pain can arise due to many reasons, the most common ones being a minor or major accident, poor sitting posture, lifting heavy weights, or even excessive body mass. No matter what the reason is, it is better to consult a doctor and get rid of the issue as soon as possible. Back and neck pain can affect your day-to-day activities immensely – it affects your overall body movements, how you stand, your sitting posture, as well as your normal physical capabilities.

When coupled with bad sleep, this situation can become worse for the person. You will feel drowsy during the day, lose concentration at work, get constant headaches, and have low or no willingness to perform a task that requires some physical effort. In addition to that, as your sleep is interfered at night due to pain, you will try to shift the area in pain to any comfortable position possible, thereby risking other ‘healthy’ areas to injury.

Addressing Back and Neck Pain in a Timely Manner

Our body muscles around the aching area become tensed up in its own attempt to fix the pain. This could work sometimes, especially when you provide additional support by doing some basic exercises or taking some medications for pain relief; however, if the pain is severe and the reason is complex, over the counter painkillers or workouts won’t do any good at all. Applying a bag of ice at the area in pain would only give you momentary relief for the pain. If that’s the case, it is better to consult a physician and figure out the actual cause behind the issue. After proper diagnoses, your doctor would be able to recommend the right treatment for your problem.

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