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Four Things to Know About Arthritis


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  1. Arthritis is a common condition affection millions of people worldwide. Although the most well-known, the knee joint is not the only joint that can be affection by arthritis. Arthritis can occur anywhere in the body where two bones articulate. Arthritis is a disease of the entire joint, including the cartilage, the joint lining, the ligaments, and the bone. Symptoms of arthritis result from a build-up of inflammation in the affected joint(s). This inflammation typically causes a stiffness in the joint as well as a mild to moderate aching feeling.


  1. References to arthritis are found in texts as far back as 4,500BC. Symptoms of the disease have been recorded and documents through the years but it wasn’t until 1859 when the disease acquired its current name and diagnosis. Some well-known people with arthritis include Lucille Ball (comedienne, Tiger Woods (golfer), James Coburn (actor), and Shaquelle O’Neil (basketball player).


  1. There are a wide variety of treatment options available for arthritis. For mild arthritis, the aim of therapy is it utilize conservative treatments with as few side effects as possible. These include avoidance of weight bearing activities, physical therapy, and nonsteroidal medications (NSAIDs). For moderate to severe arthritis, slightly more invasive measures or more powerful medications may be required. Treatments for this include daily dosing with medications like Celebrex or Mobic, steroid joint injections, and even joint surgery.


  1. Arthritis, especially in advanced stages, can be an extremely debilitation disease. If you have any questions about your arthritis or feel like it may be time to start treatment, call Remedy Pain solution to see how we can help.

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