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Five Methods for a Better Spine Pain Management


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Our spine or backbone consists of 206 bone disks called the vertebrae, which offers protection to our spinal cord and allows us to stand and bend properly. A number of problems such as infections, injuries, tumors, and herniated disks can change the structure of the spinal cord and induce severe spinal pain. The pain keeps on increasing with every movement you make, so it is necessary to consult doctors and find the best spine pain management techniques as soon as you notice the pain. Below are five spine pain management methods used by physicians to help you recover.

Provocative Discography

It is very important to focus more on the diagnosis of the spinal pain and come up with a conclusion before you start the treatment. The traditional method used by physicians to locate spinal pain is called provocative discography, which includes the injection of an irritating foreign body or a numbing agent into the discs of patients suffering from spinal pain.

Transforaminal Epidurals

Transforaminal epidurals offer a direct path for the treatment of spine disk pain. In this method, the medication is placed through a foramen on both sides of the spine. A similar method is Radiofrequency Neuroablation, which is used to treat patients with facet joint pain. However, this procedure removes the medial branch nerves and offers relief from pain for almost a year.

Vertebral Augmentation

Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty are performed on patients suffering from metastatic cancer or those with fractures on the vertebra. These vertebral body augmentation processes do not require open surgery or incision, and it can be performed using needles.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a spine pain management technique used in patients with a herniated disc. A percutaneous decompression is performed on the patients, which reduces herniation and removes the spinal pain. Spinal decompression is cost effective and can be performed either in a healthcare center or at a physician’s office. Usually, this process guarantees recovery within three weeks.

Stem Cell Therapy

Biological solutions for spine pain management are going to be one of the greatest innovations in the future. In line of that, stem cell therapy is used by physicians to inject stem cells into the spine, which treat the damaged nerves and help heal them faster. This method is believed to help reduce or remove the pain within a couple of days of treatment.

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