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Botox for migraines


Botox for migraines


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While most of us hear about Botox smoothing wrinkles of the face, many are unaware how effective Botox can be at preventing muscle contractions which trigger migraines. The use of Botox for migraines began in the mid-1990s when patients receiving injections for other conditions began reporting improvements in their chronic migraine pain. In 2010, after years of research and data collection, the FDA approved Botox for treating chronic migraines. We at Remedy Pain Solutions are proud to offer this treatment to our patients in the comfort of our Marina Del Rey clinic. 


Though Botox has become a popular injectable solution, you may still be wondering exactly what it is and how it can possibly help reduce migraines. Botox is a highly diluted form of botulinum toxin, which works to block the release of a chemical (acetylcholine) in muscle cells which transmits the signal to contract muscle fibers. By targeting certain trigger points, muscles can be relaxed to avoid them compressing the nerves which contribute to migraines. These injections can be delivered through a small needle to several locations of the head or neck, depending on where the physician believes they would be most appropriate. As Botox injections are not indicated for all types of headaches, results may vary from patient to patient. The most common side effect from Botox shots is a sore neck, which can be reduced by utilizing ice packs on the affected area. 


This injection therapy is typically indicated for those patients who are over 18-years-old and experience greater than 14 headaches per month, or who do not respond to other treatment options. Following these criteria, most insurance providers now recognize Botox as treatment for migraines which greatly increases the availability of this treatment to patients. At Remedy Pain Solutions we are proud to offer Botox injections to our patients, providing a safe and effective solution to chronic migraine pain. If you are living near Marina Del Rey, California and are suffering with chronic migraine headaches pain, come in to Remedy Pain Solutions where we’ll be happy to discuss whether therapeutic Botox injections are the right choice for you.

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